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Once upon a time...
aww, more pretty won. Nevermind.

i've been thinking about tattoos again. so far, no one is supporting me %100. It's either, no or 'whatever, it's up to you' -_-


Anyway, my parents think i need to wait until i've 'settled down' Meaning... i've got to be in a relationship and have a steady job, hehe. Um... sure.

But right now i'm being obsessed, and if i wasn't so lazy i probably would've gone and got one already.

I fear insomnia. Last night i couldn't sleep and it felt like it would never end, just lying there, trying everything i could to fall asleep, and nothing was working, so i counted down the minutes to my mum's alarm clock going off. EVIL.

But i got up feeling very happy and full of energy, so i got lots of exercise today. Now i will make sure i never have another sleepless night, hehe.

I met someone today with nicer eyes than alan. XD

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Nothing exciting is happening in the life of kim.

I got my hair cut, and i'm happy because the weather is nice. and when the weather is nice everyone else is happy too. I love there not being any miserable customers, lovelove <3

I went shopping yesterday and bought clothes and things, and i met DAISY, who i haven't seen in forever and that was a little weird, but lovely. And on the way home we followed this guy who was carrying a rose, thinking he might do something exciting, but noo.

My diet is going well, hurrah. And i'm tired of the brown/orange theme with clothes right now. You should only ever own one orange thing, and one brown thing, and i do, so now shopping = bleh mostly.

A new shop just opened across from us, and the guy who works there comes in sometimes. He would be cute if he smiled, but i have yet to see a smile. It's like, BE HAPPY DAMMIT. D:

What did everyone vote for on that poll thing? I voted sketches/whiteboards, hehe. fun :D

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Yesterday i could have exploded :0 MAYBE.

There was a fire in the jewellers nextdoor to the shop, and this woman comes running at me like "THERE'SAFIRELETMEUSEYOURPHONE!" and i'm like... uhh. So my dad called the fire people and the woman ran off, only to come back in 5 minutes to say 'oh, he put out the fire, it's okay.'

Then, i found out the fire was in a room full of... gas cylinders! woo. So the fire men were all like... is everyone okay?! and i said... are we going to explode?? and they said, umm... let's hope not! and then they went away after saving the day but i was still a little worried about explosions and stuff.

in other news: look it's getting summer-y!

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bah. i hate diets. hatehatehatehatehatehate.

anyway, my dad got me some new shoes today! lovely and cheap (yay for charity shops XD)
They're furry boots, black ones, and normally i don't like the look of them but i tried them on anyway and... so cuute :3

except i feel a bit like a strange human/animal creature wearing them, hehe.

but they look really lovely with a ruffley layered-ish stripey skirt i have :D

i will STOP talking about shoes now, promise!

My room is a mess, i will put cleaning it at the top of my list of things to do.
That, and buy some albums... hmm.

It's been 31 days and i'm still banned from ebay, that sucks :(

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I finally got round to watching... romeo + juliet! Which jen kindly let me borrow... :D

Aww, i love it. Weird, tragic and lovely. It took me a while to actually bother to sit and watch it, but i've watched it a couple more times since then, hehe.

I got some money, hooray. Which means i have to go spend it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because i'm silly like that. But i'm still trying to decided... clothes, music, one expensive thing, or lots of cheaper small things? Or there's always the easy option of saving it, hmm!

I really want my lip pierced :(

But my dad is threatening to disown me if i get it done, haha

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Dan got some cool new shooes!

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I might buy 2 pairs of shoes! Since i don't have many anyway and uh... girls are supposed to, yes. That, and i can't decided on just one pair.

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hmm... why is this layout being all... wrong? hehe


fixed it. i'm stupid :D

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Poll #449712 New shooes!

which ones? hmm?

1 - pink and black
2 - pink and grey
3 - pinkish/orange/purple spotted
4 - red and rainbow
5 - navy blue and rainbow


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