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Once upon a time...
i just realised, i'm gonna miss reading peoples journals D:

i might still stalk them from here, ehehe
random people are too nice to tell me to shut up, or remove me, so, my new livejournal-y home will be for people i know... and stuff.

yes yes, i'm sure everyone's devastated


i recommed you remove this journal from your friendlist... NOW.

it will only cause.. uh.. pain.

yes, i will probably return at some point to obsess over something dollyish, or be depressed.

okayiloveyoubyebye x
(very late) happy birthday jen! i didn't forget, i just suck, and i hope you had a lovely dayy :)

and your present should arrive in less than 20 days, i hope :( (yes, i suck some more, hit me with a stick)

hmm bored.

Biscuit is having a phantom pregnancy and my dad is going to australia the week after next to persuade the... important people, to let us in. :)

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Current Music: nothing

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i suck at livejournal :(

infact, i am thinking up a new username for when my paid account ends in july.

or i might just give up journals permanentely, yesyes, better idea.

i thought having friends would be fun but i like, can't bring myself to comment, because... i don't know! hehe
(so you probably all hate me, it's okay :))

if there's a next time... no friends for me! XD
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i dislike me :(

okay, done now.
I really hate it when people don't include me in conversations. And when they don't talk to me about stuff because i haven't BEEN THERE.

It's okay though, i am just a friend afterall.

I'm hormonal, can you tell? :)
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so cuuuteee!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Someone buy me gloomy teddy!

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: Dir en grey - Cage

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So, im stressing out about my hair because it's reached the beginning of evil mid-lengthness.

Last week like, a million people asked if i was trying out a 'new image' and i'm like... huh? apparently i have new glasses. omg, i've had these glasses for years. haha

I cut my fringe though, and ive started wearing normal clothes to work instead of scruffy work clothes, because i feel like it. That might be it i guess.

Oh, and after 3 weeks of dieting i've lost a total of... 3 1/2inches! 2 off my hips, and 1 1/2 off my waist, hurrah. Which may not be noticable to everyone else, but i feel so much better :)

Well, i did. Today i have been not so good with the healthy eating. I have bad mood swings okay?! D:

Current Mood: crushed bad
Current Music: the killers - andy, you're a star

Yay! I'm feeling creative today which means i might get round to finishing the decorating of my poor little room which i decided to tear apart hmm... 9 months ago? hehe

I'm also in the middle of an oekaki (i haven't done one in forever!) that i'm putting so much effort into i might post it here later. No one has commented on it though :(
That's what i hate about these things, you only get comments when you're in with the 'popular crowd' of good artists, and you don't even have to be good! You just have to know the right people, which, i don't. It also help if you... spread yourself around alot XD

I can prove this with my secret experiment on SheezyArt. I have my DeviantArt account, which gets like 0 pageviews, but i don't go round commenting and sucking up to people, and... stuff. I have a secret SA account where i am alot more popular than i am at DA. Becaause, there's like this system, you watch someone, they watch you back, you +fav some stuff, they do the same, you comment away happily thinking people love you but really they're only out to get PAGEVIEWS! yep.

Let's compare, shall we?


Pageviews: 531 (since april 15th, 2004)
Deviations: 34
Journal Entries: 10
Deviant Comments: 14
Favourites: 15
Forum Posts: 0


Page Views: 737 (since october 26th, 2004)
Submissions: 32
Journals: 9
Comments: 145
Favorites: 35
Forum Posts: 0

This works better if i could compare it to someone who sucks and has a million pageviews, but i wont do that, it's mean.

Anyway, my point is, these things (in most cases i think) have nothing to do with being good (unless you're like... amazing, but yeah)

It annoys me alot. hehe

My next project (after the decorating of my bedroom, which is going to be PINK and GREEN themed, btw) will be to build some kind of doll house. Because, shelves would just be boring. My dollies need a pretty house! And i think they're tired of being stood on a little chair, which they must share, ooh i rhyme.

Anyway, i'm going to go eat a nice healthy salad, because i want to, and i'd much rather prefer it to a bar of chocolate.


Current Mood: creative creative
Current Music: the killers (i love this album, yay <3)

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looks like we're not going out tonight...

sad face :(

oh well, my face is all scratched up anyway ._.