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hey, shut up :D - Once upon a time...
hey, shut up :D
So, im stressing out about my hair because it's reached the beginning of evil mid-lengthness.

Last week like, a million people asked if i was trying out a 'new image' and i'm like... huh? apparently i have new glasses. omg, i've had these glasses for years. haha

I cut my fringe though, and ive started wearing normal clothes to work instead of scruffy work clothes, because i feel like it. That might be it i guess.

Oh, and after 3 weeks of dieting i've lost a total of... 3 1/2inches! 2 off my hips, and 1 1/2 off my waist, hurrah. Which may not be noticable to everyone else, but i feel so much better :)

Well, i did. Today i have been not so good with the healthy eating. I have bad mood swings okay?! D:

Current Mood: crushed bad
Current Music: the killers - andy, you're a star