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Once upon a time...

14 June
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Eeep! This is the hard part. I usually leave this blank, buut... since I have alot of spare time right now, why not?

I'll do a short version of... the beginning of my life, because it's really boring. So is the rest, but, um... yeah.

I was born in england, moved to america, came back after 6 years, moved a few more (5) times once we got here. Now we're never moving ever again unless my dad decides to be evil and randomly make us move to new zealand.
I quit sixth form/college whatever, half way through my first year because It was boring. No, I'm not so intelligent that I needed something more challenging. I'm not particularly smart, but I'm not as stupid as i may seem sometimes :)

Now, I'm working for my parents. The professional title is 'sales assistant' but i prefer 'sandwich artist' hehe
I love my money. So... even though I want to go back to college at some point... I'm happy doing what I'm doing right now. yay me.

In my free time I sleep, go on the computer, watch TV, do friend things (not as often as I'd like though) play music really loud until everyone complains, dance around, take pictures, draw, and sew... for my dollies! ^_^
If you really care about the doll thing, go here and all shall become clear :D

what youll find here:

+ Pictures! lots of. Everyone likes pictures, right? hehe Probably of my dolls, and around where I live, and probably Never of me ^_^

+ Lot's of "i want this!" entries, because I like to announce it, and keep track of stuff on my wishlist...

+ Random drawings and icons and stuff, I wouldn't call it art -_-

+ Lots of ranting and complaining, I do complain a hell of a lot, but that's what journals are for!

+ I like to do updates about what I had for lunch, hehe. I'm boring like that.

Ofcourse, this is what i want to update with. There's no guarantee i actually will.
me = lazy.
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